Friday, September 20, 2013

God's Packaging may be Different

Many or should I say the few of you that keep up with my life know I have been in the waiting room for a while now. The waiting room can be scary, tiring and flat out depressing. In this time of waiting I have learned quite a lot but sometimes I struggle to do what I have learned and I feel that has been the ultimate challenge: being a doer, not just a hearer or "knower".

It's almost like easy-peasy Christian 101 to know that gratitude goes a long way. When you pray for so long and finally you get an answer or even when you are still in that waiting phase. Always be grateful, even if it is not for that unanswered prayer but other things in life that are in place. It's super easy to be grateful when the lines have fallen into those pleasant places, it is also easy to be bitter when they have not. But what is really strange is when you find yourself being bitter, grumbling and borderline ungrateful when your prayer has been answered. I mean, who does that?

Well, Me.

Yesterday I received an email in regards to what has been keeping me in this waiting room for over a year. But for some reason I did not smile, I did not say "thank you Lord", I quickly moved into the grumbling phase because it did not look like what I was expecting. God's packaging of this answered prayer was just different. As I went back home I chatted with my sister and grumbled some more with/to her but at the end of the conversation she said "We thank God all the same"

That may have been the moment I realized I had been ungrateful. That may have been the moment that allowed me to see that regardless of the packaging, that email was forward movement, my prayers being answered or at least God letting me know that he is in this with me. Either way, I was supposed to thank God. So I got home, asked for forgiveness, repented and started to make plans based on this email I had received. I started to play all sorts of scenarios in my head on how All things would work together for my good because I am God's personal person :)

On Facebook today I posted this: Sometimes we pray so hard for something and we have made up the way it is supposed to look upon its arrival. But when it shows up looking different, we begin to grumble. Dear Gianna, sometimes remember God's packaging may be different. Look deep enough and you will see your prayers have been answered.

Stay blessed
Preserve your Saltiness


  1. I like this one and I can definitely relate!!!!

  2. What are you waiting on? Curious...I understand if its too personal to share. Stopping by from SITSSharefest.

    1. Lol thanks Yvonne for stopping by. I can't wait to share it all on here, just when the time is right :)