Friday, June 28, 2013

Talent, Gift and Ministry

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Thoughts for today is about having talents (gifts) and having a ministry. This morning, my husband and I had our morning devotion which was about "Denying yourself, taking up your cross...", I'd be honest that scripture rubs me the wrong way and I hope it is because I have not yet fully understood it. So as usual the hubby and I got talking and somehow we landed on the issue of "Ministry."

What is Ministry? When you hear the word "Ministry do you only think of the "5 fold Ministry?" I am of the understanding that everyone is called to Ministry but not necessarily the 5 fold Ministry. However I think I struggle with knowing what my ministry is. In my husband's best attempt to explain what the word "Ministry" means, he said, "It is what you do that DIRECTLY impacts people for Christ." Fine, there is some understanding to that but I'd confess guilt and shame started to creep in as I could not for the life of me think of anything I do (continuously) that I can say directly impacts people for Christ. Not his intention I know.

We moved on to the relationship between your Ministry and your Talent. My question is; is there even a relationship at all? Can your ministry be linked to what you are "naturally" gifted to do? I do believe the answer is a Yes because I have seen examples however I am not certain if that is the case for everyone. Of course I am a bit freaked out that I may be among the few that my ministry has no relationship with my talent...that thought is way too freaky to agree to right now! I mean how can you be called to impact lives for Christ by doing something you have no gift, passion or talent for? It just sounds like way too much hardwork to me.

So this post today is just about my thoughts, dare I say my ramblings on my "Ministry" whatever it is. I'd definitely keep it in prayers for sure because I don't think it is such a good thing to be clueless about how to impact people for Christ.

zzzzzz....I'm just exhausted and it is not even 8 am yet!

Stay blessed
Preserve your Saltiness

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