Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ingredients of Faith: Excerpts from Hebrew 11

One who has Faith
  1. Has a Good Reputation vs.1
  2. Fears the Lord vs. 4
  3. Pleases God vs. 5
  4. Believes God Exists vs.6
  5. Is Obedient to God regardless of circumstances vs. 8
  6. Is trusting and Dependent on God vs. 8
  7. Is looking to worship with the Angels and Saints in Heaven vs.16
  8. Will be tested and will pass tests vs. 17-19
  9. Prophesies in Faith vs. 20-22
  10. Rejects and does not to conform to ungodly commands vs. 23
  11. Refuses to be called a son of the world (pharaoh) vs24
  12. Is led by Faith through their fears vs. 29
  13. knows and welcomes God's people vs.31
  14. Overthrows kingdoms by faith and rules with justice and righteousness vs.31
  15. With faith; in weakness you find your Strength vs.34
  16. Overcomes death..both physical and spiritual vs.35
  17. Suffers injustice; Knowing that the light affliction of the moment has nothing to do with the glory that is set aside for me in Heaven vs.36-37
  18. Still believes even when you don't receive. vs.39
Written by Mr Punch

Stay blessed
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