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You Are What You Eat (or Dont)

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If you are a foodie like me, the above title instantly juggles your memory and on top of your head you are already thinking about Gillian McKeith and the Over-weight people she puts on a strict diet regime and after 3 months they lose quite a lot of weight and feel better about themselves. On the other hand if you are not a foodie or probably haven’t ever watched the show or even heard of Gillian McKeith, here is a short synopsis

It’s a show hosted by Dr. Gillian Mckeith where she uses hard and shocking tactics on an overweight person by showing them how what they are eating could be killing them (which is usually sugar and fatty foods). She makes them write all they eat in a week and spread it on table and show them the damage it could be causing in the long run. To help them she changes their diet to healthy vegetables and grain that help detox their bodies and help them lose the excess weight they carry and more importantly the weight of guilt and shame they usually carry because of the weight.

Someone like me and possibly you reading this that has battled weight issues since childhood can relate, growing up a fat child, losing so much weight when I was 17 then slowly over 3 years got back to square one, yes I can relate. If at this point you are wondering why I am writing about my weight issues and a diet show in a spiritual blog, yes keep yourself in that state of wonder and just follow by faith. LOL. 

In the show as I mentioned above, the overweight people are shocked by how they are harming their bodies by their CHOICE of what they EAT/PUT their BODIES. I'm sure the issue of obesity is very global, we are putting crap into our bodies but cry and sulk we are not fit and complain about the rigor of the gym or the punishments called “diets” that never seem to give much results even after much diligence and endurance with following their rules. On the other hand, there are other people who are what they don’t eat! I saw an anorexic girl jogging the other day whilst on my own quest to run out all my love handles and sagging front belly (I'm tired of sucking in)! I cringed and thought to myself, "shouldn’t you be eating?!”. So from the above, we can gather there is a problem when we eat excess of the wrong things and a problem of have little or nothing of the right thing, or anything for that matter!

Sadly this problem is not only physical but a Spirit health issue, but most of us are usually malnourished and anorexic or obese and unhealthy with the wrongs things too. As Christians-Born-again, washed in the Blood, Spirit filled, it’s not our flesh that has the rebirth but our Spirits and the food for our spirit is…yes you guessed right…THE WORD. How much of it are we eating? Why do we choose the sugary treats of Sunday services, the processed treats of laziness, the creamy filled treats of once a week bible studies, the fizzy pop laced devotional read? Or the cholesterol -hiking-gorging “of not reading it all”? Someone quoted, "we feed our bodies three hot meals daily and only one cold snack for our Spirit” (to that quote I would like to add that for someone like me when I eat I probably would have had a few snacks before and after my meals and definitely have healthy servings of what I'm eating). 

Sadly that’s what our lives have become, we have limited the Word to our Pastors, Bible Study Leaders and so on. What is our excuse? School, Work and the “no time” issue? Agreed we live and engage in a fast paced world but how do we find time to feed our bodies? Drink Water? The Word to is the Fountain of Life you know. Part of what does not help our faithfulness to our diet is our view to the Word of God, just the way obese people see food as either a reward, comfort or how it should be sweet and fill their stomachs and not how it affects their bodies.

  1. A shield in times of storms where we can run to for help?
  2. A book to read morning and night because we are “Christians”?
  3. A book we read to validate our Christianity
  4. A book we are advised to read to keep God happy and give us check mark?
  5. A manual for our lives, our decision making and mode of operation?
Another problem is HOW DO WE APPROACH THE WORD?
  1. With an open heart to receive something new?
  2. An attitude of “hmmm let me read so I wouldn't look bad if God checks or if anyone asks”
  3. An attitude of “hmmm let me look at my scriptures for the day so I don’t feel so guilty I didn’t read it”
  4. Approach with guilt and fear? 
I’m not sure what category you fall into but you know where you are now. The issue is that many of us are not eating right. We snack as opposed to eating from the Word and little wonder why even in the church depression is common, people can’t seem to defeat the giants that come their way! In the church today and among Christians generally our lives are just like any regular person in the world, we fall for any small temptation, we get into lustful acts easily just because the only thing we remember from the Word is “he is slow to anger and his Mercy is for a lifetime and the Blood cleanses and grace abounds” but even Paul made it clear “because grace abounds doesn’t mean I shall continue sinning” why is this? Simple we don’t know and are not confident of the WORD, we still conform to this world because we haven’t been transformed, and that transformation only comes when our minds are renewed. What and what renews? THE WORD.We find ourselves in constant defeat because the best we know of God is what we hear on Sunday or the few lines we catch from our devotional books…we really don’t have a deep searching and thirsting after for the WORD…AND GOD IN HIS WORD…

Please don’t leave this page with your head down in guilt and shame but with vigour and excitement to read it more often and eat better!
A Bientot!
Written By Gbubemi Fregene,
Who is Gbubemi?
In his words, "I consider myself a chill guy...(actually..i have been accused of being sometimes too extroverted... so chill should be the word but i'm still using it!!!lol!) ...Evidently I have a passion for food...especially cooking it...I'm only fat out of indiscipline! (*sigh*) I'm a Jesus person...I'm all about the Kingdom...and i try not to be too new school and be so worldly yet claiming Holy! but really I take my Jesus with all the salt in the oceans! I consider myself fun to hang with, love good books, movies and so on and so forth.... And yeah...I'm generally...wait for it.... AWESOME!". Follow him on his blog, and on Twitter @chef_fregz

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  1. I love this post so much that I have to feature it on my sidebar as a favorite. Especially the part about 'Sugary Treats' of Sunday services. How we treat the WORD is exactly what it means to us. If it's a healthy dish, then many of us don't delve into it often for the sake of our 'spirits.'

    I liked this, "As Christians-Born-again, washed in the Blood, Spirit filled, it’s not our flesh that has the rebirth but our Spirits and the food for our spirit is…yes you guessed right…THE WORD. How much of it are we eating? Why do we choose the sugary treats of Sunday services, the processed treats of laziness, the creamy filled treats of once a week bible studies, the fizzy pop laced devotional read? Or the cholesterol -hiking-gorging “of not reading it all”?

    Thanks Gbubemi & Gee.

  2. I love this post like I love chicken! lol.. This is so true.. and the 'Sugary Treats' of Sunday service... but then it ends there. Nothing, most of the time is done from monday after 12 to next sunday 8:59 before the next Sunday service commences.

    We attend seminars, events and talks.. what do we do with all the things they tell us to do, the books we are to read, the exercises we are to do at home so that the Holy Spirit can further teach and reveal the meaning of our lives to us! aiye, yai, yai...

    I got so hot and bothered about this that in my local prayer group decided to project manage (I can hear you laughing) all the exercises of all the seminars and messages we have had in church this year.. every single exercise that we are meant to have done, we are going to do. I put together a plan and handed it out and we are going to be tracking progress once a month. I mean, I keep thinking someone here might be linked to my destiny and I to theirs!!! So if I have to beat the manifestation out of us all, so be it!

    .... Gillian McKeith, meeen she makes me cringe when she pokes the 'big people' on tv.. shiver, shiver!
    Thank you so much for this post. I will add it to my blogroll so folks can read it to when they visit me.

  3. Thanks for information, I'll always keep updated here!

  4. preservingthesaltinessAugust 10, 2010 at 12:31 AM

    Im very glad you liked the post too--I loved it the very first time Gbubemi sent the draft. I definitely have alot of stuff to work on, and thats one good thing I realised about the word of GOD; it doesnt condemn but instead it convicts. This post def convicted me.
    You r welcome Jay!