Friday, June 18, 2010

Seeing the City, the Kings and the Mighty men

Preached by Dr Mensa Otabil

Text from: Joshua 6:1-2

"Now Jericho was straitly shut up because of the children of Israel: none went out, and none came in. And the LORD said unto Joshua, See, I have given into thine hand Jericho, and the king thereof, and the mighty men of valour".

This is the story of the children of Israel after crossing over Jordan. This was the first city they had to overtake and which meant they needed to overtake this in order to overtake the others. Now we read that Moses had died and Joshua was the one leading the people. One day Joshua woke up and went out, maybe for a stroll or something, and there he met the angel of God.
In Chapter 5 in verse 13-14, we read that Joshua asked the angel if he was on the side of the Israelites or the people of Jericho, and the angel replied he was on the side of God. In other wards if you are for God then I am for you.
Now this is where it gets interesting, when God tells him in chapter 6 verse 2,
"see i have given you the city, the king and the mighty men"--now we can read this in a way that the depth of this message is not reached. If i asked you what did Joshua have to do to get the city, kings and mighty men what would u answer?
He needed to see it.
That is he needed to envision it, and then believe it. So if he had doubt, the doubt will blur his vision and then he wont be able to see--so if he cant see, he cant get the city, kings and the might men.

Now in most of our challenges, we fail to see. We fail to see that with God, all the impossible things before our human eyes are possible. We fail to see God being able to bring us out from that financial, marital, emotional mess we have found ourselves--and so we cant get a hold of the blessing God has for us.
So the first assignment is to see, envision and believe what he says he would do.
To make this more practical, lets explain exactly what the people of Israel were facing then. These ones had spent years and years in the wilderness, not seeing any city, and just having their minds set on what God had promised their forefathers, a land flowing with milk and honey. Remember that generations had passed, so it wasn't the same people there that were the ones that left Egypt. So these new generations had pretty much not seen a proper city their whole lives. So imagine bringing someone from the depths of a village in Africa, to New york and showing him the huge world trade center like kind of building and say to him "see I have given you this building, the authorities and the security men". Now to that villager he is going to look at you like you must have lost your mind a minute ago. But in all this God said you have to see it before you can even get a hold of it.
And most of us these days are stuck, because our doubts have blurred our visions and we cant see.

Now there is a significance for the city, the kings and the mighty men. And these are what we refer to as the scopes of victory for the Israelites and for us. Now the city, is just the territory, you cant have a territory and be satisfied without having those that control the territory. Now the kings, these are the rulers of that territory, some times they either have to be removed for your sake or come on your side. That is why God said the hearts of kings are in his hands, if he has promised you the city and kings then one way or the other you are going to have the kings under your authority. Now the mighty men; assist the kings. They are the ones acting under the authority of the kings you also need them taken out or their hearts turned to your favour. Now when you have these three you are fully engulfed by the promise God has given to you--but first you need to see.

Today we meet some people who have gotten a city, it may be in their careers, marriage, academics or whatever but they have failed to take up the kings and the mighty men, and then before they know it, the city has been taken away from them, or the kings drive them away from that city that was once theirs. Today I'm here to let you know that there is a city, with the kings and the mighty men that God has given to you( you alone know that area), first of all you need to see it and ignore all the lies and doubts the enemy brings. Then secondly when you have that city, keep on moving with his word. Don't stop because having the city alone is a short term thing, because its possible to be taken back. So keep on holding to Gods promise, keep on seeing the mighty men in your hands and the kings also--and eventually all three would be the scopes of victory all awarded to you.

So are there issues in your lives, dreams or aspirations that God has said you should see,
but doubts are blurring the vision, the devil is trying to make you look around the
 situation and judge from what just human eyes can see and do? Clean up your 
vision with FAITH and just SEE.

Stay blessed
Preserve your Saltiness


  1. A very powerful message needed in our daily affairs. Thanks for sharing.

  2. preservingthesaltinessJune 18, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    You are so welcome, glad you liked it!
    Have a blessed weekend

  3. Wow. I never saw taking up a city as taking up a territory without conquering their kings & mighty men. In every conquest, we need to also capture those who "control" the four walls, and not just the four walls alone. This really blessed me.

  4. preservingthesaltinessJune 18, 2010 at 1:51 PM

    Yay!! Glad it blessed you, it did to when I heard the message first sometime in March, I must say it was sooo powerful tho, he went sooo much more deeper than I did and it was really mind blowing---We thank God for the revelation of God's word cuz really it just makes you say WOW!

  5. I was talking to someone about this today but the example used was pharaoh in Egypt. When moses was sent to him, God hardened his heart (Exodus 10.20). The heart of the kings are indeed in his hands.Thank you, I was really blessed by this.

  6. preservingthesaltinessJune 20, 2010 at 9:46 AM

    Im glad it blessed you!! hope the weekend is great for you berean Girl!