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Life has a way of dishing out circumstances and situations to you that you never bargained for. Everyone of us or at least most of us have had our lives mapped out one way or the other till a certain point but have had to re-adjust our settings to fit circumstances that may have altered them. Some of these circumstances are good while some are rather unfortunately, bad and may throw you into a state of dis-array, hurt and much more. However, sometimes circumstances which are thrown at us are backdrops to places and spheres we actually ought to be in life. This is what I have termed as OUTCOMES.

As Christians, we are taught and led by the spirit to leave everything to God and also involve Him in our plans. This is ultimately true as my motto in life is: Let Go and Let God as really there is nothing much more we can really do than that which we have already tried to do. Also how we react to this circumstances and situations thrown to us by life's winds which alters things in our lives is very important. As a daughter/Son of zion, your attitude, behavior and reaction to such situations are being watched by all. So how then are we to carry ourselves into the OUTCOMES which are to propel us to our pre-destined positions in this life? Here are a few tips the holy spirit laid on my heart a few moments ago.

1. Learn to love yourself the way you and at the point you are at:

This is the problem a lot of us are facing at this present time. The high to always want to be at a stage where our other peers are at can hinder or distort the course our OUTCOMES are supposed to take. Just because one person has walked a thousand miles and you have walked five hundred does not make you a lesser person. The bible says: The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all. [Ecclesiastes 9:11] . I can't begin to count how many times I recite this verse in a day. I have felt confused and very much upset at times when I feel I deserve something and it has been handed over to another who I know did not go through half of what I went through. This verse was laid on my spirit and has taught me that each and everyone is running a different race: hence the race not being for the swift. It is how well you run your race that matters not how fast.

2. Attitude:

Your attitude speaks before you and says a lot about you. Please darlings lay aside the jealousy, envy and hate. It doesn't look good on a child of the kingdom or anyone for that matter. Stop holding on to grudges and letting them rule you. Have a forgiving spirit. Its not easy to forgive not to talk of forgetting. I have currently gone through a phase whereby I feel that holding on to certain hurts are not worth it. I tell myself, no matter how painful or upsetting the situation may be, that there was a reason for God allowing the hurt to happen. It sounds a bit out of place but it has totally worked for me. Its not easy to release grudges but the thing folks fail to realise about grudges is that it eats into you and hinders you from receiving pure happiness you are entitled to. I mean who doesn't want to be happy. I'll rather let you go than allow you still ruin my happiness. I mean its like loosing both ways which is extremely unnecessary. Let your attitude speak well for you and you will see it makes a whole lot of difference having an enchanting and acceptable attitude while journeying into your OUTCOME.

3. Pray:

I can not over-emphasise this enough. I have currently gone through a serious prayer rejuvenation that it feels as if when I don't pray I'm not complete. How do I explain this? It feels like when you are in love and the other party does not share the same sentiments any more and you feel like a part of you has been cut off, that's how I feel when I don't pray. The wonderful thing about prayer is the peace it brings. I am amazed as to how quickly this peace comes. When I have a problem the first thing I say sub-consciously is 'Holy Spirit, Help me!'. Its as simple as that and I feel a sudden re-assurance that I am not alone. Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.. This verse is absolutely powerful and so true. If Christ has made such an offer why not make the most of it. I'm tired of hearing people complain about one thing or the other and when I ask 'have you prayed?' silence takes the order of the day. Trust me sometimes it is hard to pray especially if the pain is so much that it seems prayer is not enough. I have recently realised that that is a lie of the devil. There is nothing prayer can not solve. You may not get an answer immediately, or the answer you want but an answer will come all the same. So in getting to that OUTCOME I encourage you to pray.

4. Speak words of life and strength into your life: BE POSITIVE:

I can understand that sometimes being positive is hard. I used to be formally known as the QUEEN LADY OF PESSIMISM but I thank God that I am being delivered from it all. The problem with negativity is that it makes you one sided and this can be very frustrating and I mean very very frustrating. You do not give a chance to see the other side of things which is truly a better side of things. You lock yourself up in a mental battle as if to obliterate any manner of good happening in a situation. Please with all things being well and good, try and look at the other side of the coin. Not all things are as they seem. Try and believe that there is still some good in this world and once you believe it you will see it.

Stop downing yourself. You are not the first person to go through that bump in the road. I believe I am as organised as it gets.A while back I had drafted a perfect plan for myself. Education, career and relationship wise. All of a sudden of late everything seems to be going into utter dis-array. At first when I noticed it, I began to hyper-ventilate, then I began to crash like a computer system. Then thankfully God restored my prayer routine/mode and everything began to seem a little bit brighter. It became much better when I began to speak to myself and encourage myself. I usually say this: I reject depression, inferiority complex and self pity. I uproot sorrow and heaviness now in the name of Jesus. I accept congratulations and reject sorry for my day and my life. There is sooooo much power in the tongue it is unbelievable. And in saying it you have to believe it. Its not going to be if you only say it. Speak it into existence by believing it already exists. That's why Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

These are just a few things I can right down at the moment. Work with it and let me know how it works. I believe by God's grace everything which occurs to push you to your OUTCOME will be a stepping stone to propel you to your destiny and would be a journey that will draw you closer to Him who knows all and permits all.

Keep holding on to his word

Her name is Kelechi  Kelly Anyogu, knew her in High school years back, reconnected with her through facebook and even more through twitter. One of my many inspirations when it comes to believing in God. She is so far the first Guest on this blog writing and words cant say how much I appreciate you doing this for the readers of this blog. God bless you Kelechi and I pray that the readers are blessed by this too.
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