Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome--Its your site as much as it is mine!

Welcome to my(our) new site.
This would be a site for lounging in the scriptures of God, sharing with others and striving not to loose the saltiness which Christ reminds us in Matthew 5:13. This is intended to be a very open and interactive blog with an intent to cut through all races and nations, so feel free to invite whomever you think needs encouragement with the word of God or has encouragement to give.

There's going to be times where we may share problems we all face in our daily lives, preachings from sermons we may have heard and were blessed, testimonies and personal revelations we may have had while reading the word of God. So please feel free to send me any sort of piece you may have, let me know if you want your identity disclosed or not and encourage someone in here. This is why i called it our blog, to stress the idea of it being as interactive and open as possible.

For those of you that know Mr Punch, you also would have an opportunity to see his writings and pieces, hopefully you all would be blessed by them too!

Once more our duty and point of this site is to encourage others and keep our saltiness

Stay blessed
Preserve your Saltiness


  1. Awwwww, may God bless you for creating a place where we can just come to talk about preserving our saltiness. It's so calming here :)

  2. aww Ekene this is great!! Love it :)